Voices of Ward 7

Voices of Ward 7 Interview

S2.Episode 1: It Takes A Village

Dive deep into the heart of Washington DC with the “Voices of Ward 7” video podcast. In this enlightening episode, we spotlight Ebbon Allen – the dynamic and dedicated candidate vying for the position of Ward 7 Representative in the DC Council.

Ebbon Allen is not just a candidate; he’s a voice of the community, a beacon of change, and a testament to Ward 7’s resilience and spirit. As we navigate the streets and stories of Ward 7, Ebbon shares his vision, his hopes, and the challenges he foresees. More than a political discourse, this episode offers a candid look at what drives Ebbon: his passion for equitable opportunities, his commitment to bridging divides, and his unwavering belief in the potential of every Ward 7 resident.

Listen in to hear firsthand the priorities and policies Ebbon intends to champion. From housing and education to economic development and public safety, discover how he plans to make a tangible difference.

“Voices of Ward 7” is not just about one voice; it’s about a collective vision for the community. Alongside Ebbon’s insights, get ready to hear from local residents, business owners, and community leaders, as they discuss their aspirations for Ward 7 and why Ebbon Allen might just be the representative they’ve been waiting for.

Whether you’re a long-time resident of Ward 7, a DC enthusiast, or someone keen on urban development and governance, this episode promises rich narratives, compelling dialogues, and a fresh perspective on the future of Washington DC’s Ward 7. Join us in amplifying the voices that matter.

Voices of Ward 7 - S2.Episode 1: It Takes A Village

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