Policy Positions

Here are the key policy positions that I support

Public Safety

  • Increase Penalties for Violent Crime
  • Safer Neighborhoods for ALL
  • 100% Youth Employment

Implement a trauma-informed approach

  • Advocate for regular trauma-informed training for community leaders and members of law enforcement to understand and address the impact of trauma on our youth. I will propose collaboration with the Department of Behavioral Health to provide a robust program for families East of the River.

Ward 7 Public Safety Cabinet

  • Create a public safety cabinet that includes representatives from law enforcement, civic organizations, and community members to collaboratively address public safety issues. I will also create a youth public safety cabinet from the leaders of Student Government Associations at Ward 7 schools.

Community-Engaged Policing

  • Promote community policing initiatives that build trust and collaboration between law enforcement and residents.

Youth Programs and Activities

  • Advocate for increased funding for rec centers with extended hours
  • Advocate for the expansion of programs that provide positive and enriching activities for our youth that connect them with positive role models and valuable guidance.

Inclusive Economic Development

  • Lower Property Taxes
  • Support Small Businesses
  • Age-In- Place for Seniors

Affordable Housing

  • Advocate for affordable housing initiatives and equitable housing policies that ensure residents have access to safe and affordable homes.
  • Ward 7 has been disproportionately impacted by housing instability. Housing instability is associated with increased stress and health problems, poorer educational outcomes, decreased community efficacy, and other critical problems for households and communities alike.

Round Table Discussions

  • Champion community-led round table discussions, giving any resident the opportunity to share their perspectives on community development projects, and actionable ideas on how to make economic development inclusive for all.

Empowerment Through Information

  • Ensure residents have access to relevant information on city projects, policies, and opportunities to actively participate in the decision-making process.
  • Propose more funding for civic associations and grassroots organizations.


  • College and Career Development
  • Safer Schools
  • Support Educators

Collaboration with Educators

  • Support the implementation of  trauma informed practices  in our schools to create inclusive and supportive learning environments for all students.

Expanded Educational Opportunities

  • Advocate for a variety of career pathways including, career and technology education, the pursuit of higher education, vocational tech schools, apprenticeships, internships, and entrepreneurship. These opportunities will be coupled with the necessary support for students to complete their educational journey or experience.
  • I will strongly support Parents Amplifying Voices in Education (PAVE) on their initiatives for how to utilize out of school time funding.
  • Propose a new DCPS Middle School that focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, and Math). Currently, there is only one DCPS Middle School (Kelly Miller) that feeds into all the Ward 7 High Schools.

By Authority of Friends of Ebbon Allen, Nia Thomas Treasurer